Issue 4

December 2001

Vertical Integration and Internet Strategies in the Apparel Industry

We explore the relationship between vertical scope and the ability to respond to a significant economic shock by studying how firms in the apparel industry have adapted to the Internet.

Free Riding and Sales Strategies for the Internet

For many products, Internet sales can free ride off of the promotional effort exerted by brick and mortar retailers, leading manufacturers to attempt to control the availability and pricing of their p

The Effects of Business-to-Business E-Commerce on Transaction Costs

This paper studies transaction costs changes arising from the introduction of the Internet in transactions between firms. We divide transaction costs into coordination costs and motivation costs.

Competition in the Computer Industry: Online Versus Retail

This paper estimates the price sensitivity of individuals’ choice of whether to buy computers online versus in retail stores using a new data source on the computer purchases of more than 20,000 peopl

Internet Car Retailing

We investigate the effect of Internet car referral services on dealer pricing of automobiles in California.

Prices and Price Dispersion on the Web: Evidence from the Online Book Industry

Using data collected between August, 1999, and January, 2000, covering 399 books, we examine pricing by thirty-two online United States-based bookstores.

Consumer Decision-making at an Internet Shopbot: Brand Still Matters

Internet shopbots compare prices and service levels at competing retailers, creating a laboratory for analysing consumer choice.