Issue 3

October 2022

Local Network Effects in the Adoption of a Digital Platform

We examine the extent to which the network effects that lead to the adoption of an online social platform are local.

Unboxing the Causal Effect of Ratings on Product Demand: Evidence from

Using a regression discontinuity design, I estimate the causal effect of increasing product ratings by half a star on to be a 5% increase in product demand.

When do co-located firms selling identical products thrive?

When consumers only see  prices once they visit stores, and some consumers have time to comparison shop, co-location commits stores to compete and lower prices, which draws consumers away from is

Platform Mergers: Lessons from a Case in the Digital TV Market

This paper contributes to the analysis of mergers in two-sided markets, in which a platform provides its service for free on one side but obtains all its revenues from the other.

Consumer Information and Price Transmission: Empirical Evidence

We investigate how consumer information affects price adjustment in the Austrian retail gasoline market.

Platform Encroachment and Own-Content Bias

This paper presents a model of platform encroachment, in which a platform not only acts as an intermediary between consumers and third-party sellers, but also sells its first-party products.

No beer no friends: Quantifying the effect of the beer boycott

We study the impact of the boycott on Japanese products, initiated in July 2019, in the Korean beer market.

Inefficient Screening in Online Rental Markets

We study a home rental market where hosts compete in prices of their listings and decide which guests to accept.

Downstream Cross-holdings and Upstream R&D

Cross-holdings affect firms’ behavior in other vertically related markets. We consider a vertical market with two downstream firms and an upstream firm engaging in cost-reducing R&D.