Issue 1

March 2022

Technology protectionism and the patent system: Evidence from China

Governments have strong incentives to allow their inventors to free ride on foreign technologies.

Choice of Policy Instruments with Endogenous Quality: Per-passenger and Per-flight Airport Charges in Japan

This study empirically investigates how two types of airport charges (per-passenger and per-flight) differentially affect airfares, service quality (flight frequency), and welfare.

Welfare improving horizontal mergers in successive oligopoly

We study welfare effects of horizontal mergers in a successive oligopoly model with general demand. We find that downstream mergers can increase welfare if they reduce input price.

Corporate Leniency in a Dynamic World: The Preemptive Push of an Uncertain Future

This paper investigates how leniency programs can induce collusive offenders to self report in a dynamic setting, where the risk of independent detection evolves stochastically over time.

Demand for Rarity: Evidence from a Collectible Good

<p>Markets for art, coins and other collectibles, culinary delicacies and eco-tourism suggest that consumers value the rarity of many goods.

Pricing Patterns in Wholesale Electricity Markets: Unilateral Market Power or Coordinated Behavior?

We examine allegations that firms in Alberta's electricity industry manipulated public information to coordinate in the wholesale market.

What Determines Heterogeneous Merger Effects on Competitive Outcomes?

We estimate heterogeneous merger effects where (conditional on covariates) merger effects are allowed to be firm specific.