Issue 1

March 2015

Cross-Sectoral Variation in the Volatility of Plant Level Idiosyncratic Shocks

We estimate the volatility of plant-level idiosyncratic shocks in the U.S. manufacturing sector.

Net Neutrality with Competing Internet Platforms

We propose a two-sided model with two competing Internet platforms, and a continuum of Content Providers (CPs).

Anti-Competitive Interconnections: The Effects of the Elasticity of Consumers' Expectations and the Shape of the Network Effects Function

I find that interconnection might cause the market to be less competitive, and might lead to an increase in the price firms charge for their product.

Sourcing from the Enemy: Horizontal Subcontracting in Highway Procurement

This paper empirically considers the effect of horizontal subcontracting on firm bidding strategies in highway construction auctions.

Choosing between Order-of-Entry Assumptions in Empirical Entry Models: Evidence from Competition between Burger King and McDonald's Restaurant Outlets

We demonstrate how a non-nested statistical test developed by Vuong (1989) can be used to assess the suitability of alternate order-of-entry assumptions used for identification purposes in empirical e

Price Controls and Market Structure: Evidence from Gasoline Retail Markets

In this paper we study the effect of price floor regulations on the organization and performance of markets.

Seasonality and the Effect of Advertising on Price

Does advertising make markets more or less competitive?