Issue 1

March 2014

Collusion or Competition? Interfirm Relationships in the Chinese Auto Industry

The Chinese passenger-vehicle industry contains a large number of manufacturers. Some of them are members of big corporate groups centered around state owned enterprises.

Effects of Deregulation and Vertical Unbundling on the Performance of China's Electricity Generation Sector

The restructuring of the Chinese electricity sector in 2002 reshaped the market structure by vertically unbundling the dominant integrated firm and started the process of wholesale price liberalizatio

Price Adjustment Policies in Procurement Contracting:An Analysis of Bidding Behaviour

The fluctuations in fuel prices over the past decade led a number of government agencies to introduce price adjustment clauses in procurement contracting.

Information Unraveling Revisited:Disclosure of Horizontal Attributes

This paper analyzes in a spatial framework how much information a seller discloses about the variety he sells when he faces a buyer with a privately known taste for variety.

Naked Exclusion in the Lab: The Case of Sequential Contracting

In the context of the naked exclusion model of Rasmusen, Ramseyer and Wiley [1991] and Segal and Whinston [2009b], we examine whether sequential contracting is more conducive to exclusion in the lab,

On Welfare Losses Due to Imperfect Competition

Corporate managers and executive compensation in many industries place significant emphasis on measures of firm size, such as sales revenue or market share.