Issue 2

June 2022

Antitrust Limits on Patent Settlements: A New Approach

Patent settlements between rivals restrain competition in many different ways.

Social learning and local consumption amenities: Evidence from Yelp

We estimate the effect of social learning through Yelp on average restaurant quality across different types of markets.

Quality Disclosure and Product Selection

If entry requires accommodation by retailers, an incumbent manufacturer may transfer profits to retailers to maintain his dominant position.

Bundling Sequentially Released Durable Goods

Suppose two durables are sequentially released and suppose that consumer valuations of these goods are positively correlated.

Self-Preferencing in Markets with Vertically-Integrated Gatekeeper Platforms

The competitive strategies of `gatekeeper' platforms are subject to enhanced scrutiny.

Patent Licensing, Non-Practising Entities, and Investment in R&D

This paper studies the impact of Non-Practising Entities (NPE's) on investment in innovation.  The issue is considered in an environment with strategic investment behavior and licensing.

The Impact of Environmental Fraud on the Used Car Market: Evidence from Dieselgate

This study explores the effects of Volkswagen’s 2015 emissions scandal (“Dieselgate”) on the used car market in Israel.