Issue 2

June 2021

A War of Attrition with Experimenting Players

A standard incomplete-information war of attrition is extended to incorporate experimentation.

Capping Bundle Discounts: Two Regulatory Rationales*

<p>Mixed-bundling of groceries and gasoline is common, but it raises ‘predatory’ concerns.

Price Leadership and Uncertainty about Future Costs

Does uncertainty about future wholesale prices facilitate coordination?

Why is Distance Important for Hospital Choice? Separating Home Bias from Transport Costs

In retail and health care markets, demand declines with geographic distance to the establishment, but either transport costs or preferences correlated with distance ("home bias") could cause this decl

Tariff Pass-Through and Welfare in the Tablet Computer Market

This paper estimates the short-run effects of tariffs on United States tablet computer prices and welfare.

New Product Introduction and Slotting Fees

The availability of a new product in a store creates an informative spillover that extends past the store itself through word-of-mouth advertising.

A new approach to estimating state dependence in consumers' brand choices applied to 762 pharmaceutical markets

This article shows how state dependence effects can be estimated for many markets and with few assumptions by using data on how the shares of consumers buying specific products differ between those wh